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Coroners Court

December 10, 2015 | biocare

The Coroners Court returned an open verdict in the case of an employee who was overwhelmed by his workload and lack of support from his superiors in the workplace. The employee concerned was employed as a revenue official.

The employee reported he was suffering from work related stress when he voluntarily admitted himself into St. Patrick’s Hospital, Dublin. A Consultant from the hospital described how the employee’s stress began when work colleagues left his department and were not replaced by his employer. The court heard the man left St. Patrick’s hospital without notice and was subsequently observed running towards the cliffs in Howth and falling over the edge. The cause of death was given as extensive cranial trauma resulting from a fall from a height.

As the Coroners Court verdict was an open one it did not mention overwork as the cause of death. The deceased was described as a conscientious and careful man.

Ref Dublin City Coroners Court 2015