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Allergens – Eight Months On

August 20, 2015 | biocare

The enactment of EC Regulation 1169 2011 and the subsequent activation of SI No 489 2013 by the Department of Health required food businesses to take steps to ensure consumers were made aware of the presence of certain allergens in food. Following initial confusion surrounding this matter food businesses should implement the following recommendations to ensure compliance with the legislation.

A) Identify allergens contained in food dishes served to customers.

B) Implement an allergen control policy (ACP) to ensure correct storage, handling and labelling of food which contains allergens.

C) Provide certified allergen awareness training to all food handlers.

While it is not necessary to provide allergen information on menus, food businesses are required to maintain a record of food allergens in food dishes. This information can be held centrally in a manual or electronic format for reference purposes.

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