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CCTV v’s Employee Rights

July 22, 2016 | biocare

The Data Protection Commissioners report for 2015 highlighted the difficulty for employers regarding the use of CCTV in the workplace. Stating employers have a legitimate right to utilise CCTV cameras in the workplace the commission recorded a total of 932 complaints regarding inappropriate use of CCTV by employers with 42 complaints upheld.

In one of the cases cited in the Commissioner’s report a well known supermarket used CCTV to record CCTV footage in the staff canteen. The commission took the view such use of CCTV was excessive as it breached employees entitlement to the right of privacy in canteen and welfare facilities in the workplace.

(Ref: Data Protection Commissioners Report July 2016)

CCTV plays an important role in security however employers must ensure cameras are always pointed in the right direction.