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Company Car Drivers at Increased Risk

June 22, 2016 | biocare

Study’s demonstrated those driving Company cars have a 30 – 40% likelihood of being involved in collisions. Speaking recently the chief executive of the RSA said the risk to drivers of Company vehicles increases with the mileage they incur. Using mobile phones whether hands free or not is regarded as distracting to the driver therefore the best policy to protect driver safety is not to answer or switch of the phone while driving.

The issue of driving fatigue is also regarded as a major contributory factor in road traffic accidents which was highlighted recently when Mr. Justice Patrick McCarton imposed a two year prison sentence on a man who killed a mother and seriously injured her fifteen year old child when he fell asleep at the wheel of his vehicle.

(Ref: HRA June 2016)

It pays dividends for employers to have appropriate driving for work policies to reduce the incidents of road traffic accidents and insurance claims.