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€16,000.00 Fine Imposed

August 5, 2016 | biocare

Keelaghan Wholesale Meats were fined €16,000.00 and incurred legal costs of €10,000.00 for breaches of food safety regulations.

The Company were successfully prosecuted following a lengthy investigation conducted by Meath County Council and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. The investigation team discovered beef products processed and sold by the Company originated in Poland, Lithuania and Germany and not in Ireland as declared on the food product labels supplied by the company.

The Court determined Keelaghan Wholesale Meats were guilty of falsifying slaughter and cutting plant code numbers on beef products intended for sale and consumption in Ireland.

(Ref. FSAI -v- Keelaghan Wholesale Meats)


Food businesses are required by law to ensure the information they provide on food labels is accurate to maintain the integrity of the food chain.