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Revised Book of Quantum

September 30, 2016 | biocare

The recently revised Injuries Board Book of Quantum will be reviewed by a court of appeal judge prior to the books formal publication.

The review follows much criticism that the Book of Quantum encourages a claims culture and promotes compensation tourism in Ireland.  It is expected the Injuries Board will be much more stringent in dealing with compensation claims following publication of the book.  In future claimants will be required to present themselves for medical examination in Ireland otherwise their claims will be invalidated by the board.

A recent independent report sent to government stated the entire compensation claims system in Ireland is broken and that false claims and disproportionate court awards and costly legal fees are responsible for driving up insurance premiums.  The insurance industry is also heavily criticized in the report for its unwillingness and failure to robustly defend fraudulent claims for compensation.

(Ref: SSA September 2016)


Despite various protestations the revised Book of Quantum when published will provide would be claimants with a guide to injury award payments into the future.